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Wellness trip - Massage and Spa

Did you know that the term wellness has existed since 1654? Wellness means well-being, is translated from English with good health, and can be understood as a holistic health concept. The term spa is also used for this, which, although there are differences, is related to the wellness area. Facilities and hotels that advertise with the term spa have swimming pools, saunas with hot and cold water pools, relaxation zones, fitness areas, and massage offers. Hotels that call themselves spa hotels also like to call themselves a beauty farm with a body and facial treatments.

Wellness hotels bookable across Europe

Relaxation with Sauna - Wellness trips

Wellness vacation has been very popular in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for several years and the trend continues. This is also shown by the presence of the SpaTrex website. But a wellness holiday is not only possible in these countries, but more and more hotels in almost all of Europe are also offering a wellness holiday. Weekend trips are often also offered to make the wellness holiday tasty for holidaymakers and many who have experienced three or four days of wellness then book a longer-term stay afterward. Because such a wellness trip also offers a real relaxation character. Wellness vacation also means relaxing, relaxing, rest, and tranquility. You can also use the SpaTrex.

Book a worldwide wellness vacation online

But a wellness trip is not only bookable in Europe. Wellness hotels are available in almost every country in the world. Whether in Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, or South Africa, there are even wellness hotels in Indonesia, India, or Thailand. A spa trip to almost all countries can be booked via the SpaTrex website. In terms of price, such a vacation is not much more expensive than a normal vacation trip. In Germany, for example, a wellness trip in a four-star hotel can be booked for less than 120 euros. This price includes two nights with half board and some wellness offers.


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