Travel Reward Credit Card Tips

choosing the right travel reward credit card

The rewards of some travel cards are limited to free air miles only whereas some offer a good number of benefits beyond just air miles. So, when choosing a travel reward credit card it is always a good idea to shop around and compare the current offers available from reputable credit card providers. What’s cool is that at any given time there is usually one or two that offer much more than the rest.  This just depends on which card company is in heavy promotion for their travel reward credit card offerings. I’ve gotten a new card about every 3 months and when I’m traveling or spending on large purchases I will see which one is offering me the biggest travel rewards at the time.

Credit Card’s Sign Up Bonus

choose your travel reward credit card

One issue that comes up sometimes with a travel reward credit card is the bonus that you get during the sign up with the credit card company or when you complete your first purchase with the credit card. Many companies offer bonus air miles when you first get the credit card or when you make the first purchase. This is a nice little extra. The points give you a jump start in redeeming the benefits and get you closer to earning enough for your next free trip. The travel reward credit card points build up as you travel more and use your credit card. Some credit card companies give you one point for every dollar you spent, some reward you with more points when you fly with their partnered airline.

Things to consider in choosing a travel reward credit card

Things to keep in mind when choosing a travel reward credit card are possible blackout dates, reward points expirations, and travel restrictions the cards may impose. If any travel reward credit card offers come with any of the above it is probably better to avoid that card. Usually, the restrictions can be found in the fine print or your travel reward credit card contract when you first sign up. So be sure to read the fine print before making any purchases with your card.

Travel reward credit cards are a great tool to give the frequent traveler something back throughout the year. If you want the maximum benefit while traveling or while building up points for traveling, choose the right card with good rewards and no restrictions. I am in the process of making a list of the best cards out there, updated monthly, to help people sort through all the restrictions, pros, and cons of the travel reward credit card offers. I should have the first list completed in the next week or two so please check back then.

Happy traveling!


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