Three Thrilling Treetop-Traversing Destinations

Zip line tours and treetop-traversing destinations

One of the most innovative trends in outdoor entertainment is participation in zipline tours and visiting thrilling treetop-traversing destinations. These Eco-friendly adventures allow guests to experience nature at its finest. In addition to securely flying through the air at awe-inspiring heights and speeds, these experiences offer great opportunities to learn a bit about a particular region’s geology, natural features, and wildlife.

Rocking the Lines in Rockbridge, Ohio

Travelers will not want to miss their chance to explore the natural beauty of Ohio by experiencing an extensive zip line excursion with Hocking Hills Canopy Tours. One of the most popular packages they offer lasts around three hours and begins with a short nature walk. Guides will discuss some of the region’s unusual flora and fauna while pointing out some of their more interesting characteristics. This tour is suitable for adventure-seekers of most ages and experience levels.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

For those with some experience within this hobby, this facility’s Super Zip line will afford riders the chance to fly splayed flat, in superhero style, at speeds that reach up to 50 miles per hour. Not for the faint at heart, this line traverses several canopy sections and flies along a segment of the Hocking River. Thrill seekers should inquire about the company’s amazing night flight package, which is the ultimate in zip lining.

Experience the Beauty of Vail Valley from the Air

The family owned and operated enterprise, Zip Adventures, is conveniently located just outside of Vail in the vibrant community of Wolcott, Colorado. The facility features six amazing zip lines that cross rushing river waters at thrilling speeds. Visitors that desire a birds-eye view of the majestic scenery need look no further. Designed with adventure in mind, the canopy tour lines are arranged to allow races between friends and rivals alike.

Tours reach heights of 200 feet, and some lines boast more than 1000 feet of free-flight distance. The guides bring along snacks and bottled water for the clients. Be ready to make a short hike up the terrain for almost a quarter-mile before the tour begins.

View the Texas Hill Country from Above

Near Lake LBJ and just west of the capital city of Austin, a dynamic zip line experience awaits guests at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours. This provider offers canopy tours on a standard six-line course, and the boldest participants can take a stab at the Canopy Challenge with faster runs and longer lines. Reasonable prices and extremely nice owners make this place special.

Birding enthusiasts are invited to come in the wee hours of dawn to hike through the property with intent to lay eyes on some fascinating species that frequent the area. The golden-cheeked warbler and the turkey vulture are often spotted, as well as dozens of others. Guests may stay on the property to enjoy lunch or swim in the private lake and take turns on the zip line that runs into the cooling water.

Lynn lives near Lake LBJ, and she’s a bit of an adventure junky.  She likes to write about the fun things to do around the Highland Lakes in Central Texas.


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